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Snowman Ornaments

Plush Angel Ornaments

Plush Bear Ornaments

Snowberry Cuties Graduate Ornament

Dressed in their warmest woolens and covered in glittery "snow" from head to toe, these cute skating snowmen are a very merry addition to your holiday scheme! Fabric with metal and plastic accents. Each ornament is 7 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 10" high. Set of 2. Item:  37179 $9.95 A pair of rosy-cheeked angels all dressed up for Christmas add a lighthearted touch of holiday magic to your home or hearth. Can also be used as ornaments. 11" x 1" x 17 1/4" high. Set of 2. Item:  37182 $17.95 A pair of happy bears enjoy a day of skating--- and evidently, sprawling--- on the ice. Give them a hand, and let them hang out on your tree! Set of 2. Sitting: 5 1/4" x 2" x 7" high. Sprawled: 6" x 2" x 4 1/4" high. Item:  37183 $11.95 Honor your scholar with a place on your tree, with this adorable Snowberry Cutie graduate in cap and gown. Resin. 2 1/4" high. Item:  37219 $2.95

Snowberry Cuties Teacher Ornament

Snowberry Cuties Ballerina

Snowberry Cuties Fireman Ornament

Snowberry Cuties Policeman

It may be the holiday season, but this Snowberry cutie is here to remind the kids that there's always time for the ABC's! Resin. 2 1/4" high. Item:  37220 $2.95 A Snowberry Cutie ballerina ornament dances on your tree, her tiny wand ready to work some holiday magic. Resin. 2 1/4" high. Item:  37221 $2.95 When there's an emergency opening on your Christmas tree requiring plenty of holiday charm, call in the Snowberry Cutie Fireman! Resin. 2" high. Item: 37222 $2.95 It's the law: you've gotta have plenty of Snowberry Cuties on your Christmas tree this year--- especially Officer Cutie himself! Resin. 2 1/4" high. Item: 37223 $2.95



Snowberry Cuties Marines Ornament

Snowberry Cuties Navy Ornament

Snowberry Cuties Air Force Ornament

Snowberry Cuties Army Ornament

The Marines are the first ones in, and this Snowberry Cutie Marine should be the first on your tree. Resin. 2 1/2" high. Item:  37224 $2.95 Here's a Snowberry Cutie sailor ready for some shore leave--- on a prominent branch of your Christmas tree! Resin. 2 1/2" high. Item:  37225 $2.95 A salute to the masters of the sky, a tribute befitting the sanctity of your Christmas tree. Resin. 2 1/2" high. Item:  37226 $2.95 A Snowberry Cutie tribute to the U.S. Army adds a thoughtful and patriotic accent to your tree. Resin. 2 3/4" high. Item:  37227 $2.95